Litigating Federal and State False Claims Acts

Q&A for lawyers

Q&A for Lawyers

Can a corporation be a whistleblower?  Corporations can be whistleblowers, and are sometimes used to protect anonymity. But when a public disclosure challenge is raised, a corporation might face an original source challenge. This is an evolving area of the law, and there’s little reported caselaw, so it’s helpful to work with someone who has considered these issues.

Why hire Jonathan Kroner as cocounsel or local counsel in Florida?  Experienced FCA lawyers hire me for Florida local counsel and as cocounsel because I do the work, and I’m easy to work with.  Also, even experienced FCA counsel hire me because I’ve litigated Stark and Anti-kickback cases, and because I’ve successfully drafted 9(b)-fortified complaints, and opposed 9(b) and other motions to dismiss. For example:
    Complaint -Unnecessary procedures
    Opposition to MTD kickback and stark stat
    Because some judges limit pro hac appearances, you might defer your formal appearance until the case has traction.

Why hire me to cocounsel outside of Florida?  Lots of firms will step in for your $400 million pharma case, but for more routine matters, such as part B defendants, you might not enjoy persistent partner level attention from lawyers at large firms. Although I have appeared PHV in many districts, for your non-Florida case, I can formally appear, or not, as you deem most suitable.

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