Litigating Federal and State False Claims Acts

Co-counsel and others' comments

Co-counsel and others’ comments

 Jonathan and I represented first and second-to-file relators with potentially significant conflicts. We resolved our clients’ conflicts and now we are co-counsel benefiting both clients. Since 2015 we have cooperated and collaborated through a complex settlement, and defendants’ bankruptcies. Jonathan is persistent and works hard. He stays on top of legal and financial issues and I have every confidence when I rely on him.

Sam S. Sheldon, Judge Sheldon wrote this in 2018, when he was a partner at Quinn Emanuel, Washington DC (which was after he served as Deputy Chief, Criminal Fraud Division, and Chief, Health Care Fraud Unit, United States Department of Justice).

Jonathan came to my aid recently to counsel me in a group of six state Qui Tam/False Claims Act cases. I had no experience in the field. In an hour and a half, he pointed out more pitfalls in my prosecution of the cases than I could have imagined. I expect another dozen or more of these cases to come my way and for there to be substantial press coverage in the near future. I immediately recommended to my client that we associate Jonathan in the cases. He is easy to work with and his knowledge of the field is impressive.

Judge Frank A. Shepherd (ret.), Gray Robinson, Miami.

I hired Jonathan for expert consultation in a Qui Tam/False Claim Act case. He provided outstanding expertise and assistance. His engagement as an expert in a fee dispute between two prominent South Florida trial lawyers required a mastery of the many and varied aspects of False Claims Act litigation. His involvement was of definite assistance in bringing about a fair resolution.

Benedict P. Kuehne, Kuehne Davis Law, P.A., Miami.

“I found Jonathan to be a creative thinker and a practical problem solver. He is also willing to do the painstaking work necessary to successfully prosecute health care fraud cases.” W. Michael Hamilton, Provost Umphrey, LLP, Nashville.

Jonathan is a smart, capable lawyer with a background in finance who knows whistleblower law and healthcare law backward and forwards. I’ve worked with him as co-counsel on two healthcare fraud cases and find him a great team member. He always delivers what he promises and more. I recommend him highly.

Wm. Paul Lawrence, IIWaters Kraus Paul LLP, DC and Dallas.

In 2013 I hired Jonathan as local counsel for a SD FL False Claims Act litigation. I liked him and his work so much I decided to co-counsel with him and then brought him in on another case in MD FL. I’ve litigated False Claims Act for 28 years and I’ve met many lawyers including many Florida lawyers. Jonathan knows what he’s doing. He works hard. Personally and professionally, I enjoyed working with him.”

Phil Benson, Warren | Benson Law Group, Los Angeles, San Diego, Minneapolis.

“I hired Jonathan twice to serve as local counsel. Jonathan was able to navigate complex issues in these cases with ease and his knowledge of local practices and rapport with the local entities involved was invaluable.” Anna Dover, Partner, Milberg Tadler Phillips Grossman, LLP, New York.

“I hired Jonathan to be local counsel in a sealed qui tam case under the False Claims Act. He is knowledgeable and diligent. He was delightful to work with and made my job easier. I would definitely hire him again.” Joel D. Hesch, The Hesch Firm, LLC, Virginia.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jonathan, and look forward to doing so again. He’s an excellent attorney in every respect.”  Steven F. Grover, Steven F Grover, PA

“Since 2009, I’ve worked with Jonathan to investigate and develop numerous False Claims Act cases. He’s a skilled litigator, a master strategist, and a highly ethical and trustworthy friend.” Gerald C. Robinson, Halunen Law, Minnesota.

“Jonathan Kroner and I have worked together as co-counsel in Texas-based government fraud cases since 2011. He is a pleasure to work with. What you see is what you get. What he says is what he does. I like him because he is competent, careful, and deliberate in his approach to lawsuits. He is my go-to person for qui tam cases.”

Robin M. Green, Lubbock, Texas.

And non-lawyer professionals who deal with fraud:

I’ve known Jonathan for many years through our shared interest in the UM Business Ethics Programs. We have served as judges together each year for the annual Ethics Bowl competition, and Jonathan’s involvement has helped make the program a great success, especially in providing his accumulated wisdom to students participating the program. We are currently building a task force to brainstorm ideas for the future of these programs, and I expect Jonathan to be an important part of that effort.

Karl J. Schulze, CPA, CFE, CVA, CFF, Schulze Haynes Loevenguth & Co., Los Angeles
Recipient, University of Miami 2015 Henry King Stanford Alumnus of the Year Award.