Litigating Federal and State False Claims Acts


Litigating Federal and Florida False Claims Acts



Federal and state False Claims Acts allow individuals (whistleblowers) to report fraud against the government. This ensures that our governments get the products and services they pay for. The Acts reward whistleblowers a portion of the money that these governments recover from corrupt government contractors. In general, the Federal False Claims Act covers fraud involving any federally funded contract, grant or program, except for underpaid taxes.  More about underpayment of taxes.

A false claim is a type of fraud. Fraud under the Federal False Claims Act means that a company, contractor, city or county has knowingly presented a false claim for payment to the United States. They used the United States’ money for something other than that for which it was provided. In short–it is a lie about how money is spent. See, Detailed Examples. The fraud can occur wherever federal or Florida monies are used to purchase services or goods.

Can a Private Individual Receive an Award for Blowing the Whistle? Yes. But only by filing a False Claims Act lawsuit. Merely informing the government will not result in any reward and may leave the person open to retaliation without the protection of the statute and without any rewards. See, Don’t Whistleblowers risk getting fired?